Basic Coastal Cruising

This course is designed for students who have completed the Basic Keelboat Sailing program and wish to gain the experience and qualifications necessary to rent a boat of up to 27 feet at Spinnaker Sailing. The class, held aboard a Santa Cruz 27, consists of up to four students and an instructor. Most class time is spent on the water, where students gain the experience and confidence necessary to safely skipper a boat in the challenging conditions of San Francisco Bay. Students learn, among many other subjects, how to dock a boat with an auxiliary outboard engine, how and when to reef sails properly, how to anchor, and how to deal with emergencies and everything a new sailor needs to know to have an enjoyable day cruising on the Bay. After achieving Basic Coastal Cruising Certification, students need to skipper a boat of 20 to 27 feet at least five times to be eligible for the Intermediate Coastal Cruising Class.


Day 1

  • Introduction

  • Course Objectives & Certification Standards

  • BKS Review

  • Skipper Responsibilities

  • Anchoring Procedures

  • Docking Practice

  • Anchoring Techniques and Practice

  • Sailing Skills Review

  • MOB Practice

Day 3

  • Time, Distance, Speed Calculations

  • Plan ETAs for Angel Island Sail

    • Sail Around Angel Island:

    • Sailing Cross-Current

    • Navigational Aids

    • Local Hazards

    • When to Reef

    • Adjusting to High-Wind Conditions


Day 2

  • Homework Review (Q&A Session)

  • Local Sailing Conditions

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Fueling / Types of Outboards

  • Gybe Preventer

  • Proper use of Tide & Current Tables

  • Motoring Practice with Spring Lines

  • Sailing Skills: Heave-to, Reefing, MOB

Day 4

  • Chart 1 and Navigation Rules

  • Review for Written Test

  • Dockside Knot Test

  • Checklist Test

  • On-water ASA Certification Test

  • Q & A / Discussion





27-29' Keelboats

Text Certification Kit: $75

Certification : ASA BCC

Prerequisite : BKS I & II

BCC is offered the 1st and 3rd weekends monthly 10am-4pm. Weekdays available upon request.
Cost of Certification through ASA is $35 for the Test. Prerequisite is ASA 101