Basic Keelboat Sailing I


This course is designed for the beginning sailor who is interested in learning the basic fundamentals of sailing. The class, held aboard one of our hot new Andrews 21's, consists of up to four students and an instructor. Most of the class time is spent on the water, where students gain practical experience steering the boat, raising and reefing the sails, and learning safety procedures. Basic Keelboat Sailing I allows students to make decisions and build confidence on San Francisco Bay, preparing them for Basic Keelboat Sailing II and American Sailing Association BKS certification.

Day 1
  • Introduction
  • Course Objectives
  • Nomenclature
    • Parts of the Boat
    • Parts of the Sail
  • Sailing Quadrant:
  • Points of Sail, Dead Area, Port & Starboard
  • Theory:
    • Upwind & Downwind Theory and Trim
  • Tacking and Gybing
  • Knots
  • Safety
  • Boat Set-up
  • Set Sail for Practice Session
  • Steering a Course
  • Theory into practice:
    • Points of Sail, Tacking and Gybing
  • Secure the Boat and Homework
Day 2
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Homework Review
  • Reefing Theory
  • Wind Shifts
  • Navigation Aids and Rights of Way
  • Man Overboard (MOB) Theory
  • Boat Set-up
  • Review Safety, Knots
  • Reefing Procedures:
    • Mainsail
    • Jib
  • Set Sail for Practice Session
  • Motoring Introduction
  • Practice Steering a Course, and Points of Sail
  • Reefing practice
  • MOB practice
  • Secure the Boat
  • Graduation Basic Keelboat Sailing I
22-27' Keelboats
Certification : No
Prerequisite : None
BKS 1 is offered the every weekend 9am-3pm. Weekdays available upon request 
 $495 for BK1 or save $145 if you buy the BKS package for $845 (includes BK1 & BK2)