Basic Keelboat Sailing II

This course is a continuation of the Basic Keelboat Sailing I program and helps students refine skills learned in BKS. This class also introduces new basic techniques to improve maneuverability and control. The class, held aboard 22-27 foot keelboats, consists of up to four students and an instructor. Most of the class time is spent on the water, giving students additional experience making decisions and further building their confidence on San Francisco Bay. BKS II allows students to become officially certified at the Basic Keelboat level by the American Sailing Association.

Day 1

  • Introduction

  • Course Objectives & Standards

  • BKS I Review

  • Spring Lines

    • Effects of Wind & Current

  • Engine Operation

  • Fairlead Position

  • Telltales

  • Basic Local Navigation

  • Nomenclature and Knot Review

  • Reefing Review

  • Points of Sail, Dead Area, Port & Starboard

  • Sailing Skills

    • Practice Session, Engine & Docking

    • Upwind Sailing; Tacking & Jibing

    • Practice Reefing and MOB

    • Sail by-the-lee and Heave-to

  • Secure the Boat and Homework

Day 2

  • Question & Answer Session

  • Homework Review

  • Hull Design

    • Fin v. Full keel

    • Hydrodynamic Lift

  • Center of Lateral Resistance

  • Lights & Horn Signals

  • Hazards

  • Boat Set-up

  • Knot Test

  • On-Water Test

    • Basic Motoring

    • Points of Sail

    • Head Up/Bear Away

    • Tacking & Jibing

    • MOB

  • Graduation Basic Keelboat Sailing II


22-27' Keelboats


Certification : ASA BKS

Prerequisite : Basic I

BKS 2 is offered the every weekend 10 am - 4pm. Weekdays available upon request.
 $495 for BK2 or save $145 if you buy the BKS package for $845 (includes BK1 & BK2)

Cost of Certification through ASA is $50 for registration and $35 for the Test.